About Us

Operations Manager: George Benes

George is the driving force behind Midland Snow.  He first fell in love with snow during the 80+ inch snowfall years in the late 1970s.  He helped out his neighbors with shoveling snow and made a lot of money in the process.  He has slowly but surely moved up the snow plowing ladder ever since.  He soon graduated to snow plowing with his own truck.  He then worked his way up into salting and managing other drivers.  He decided to take all of his snow plowing experience and expertise and founded Midland Snow and Ice Management. 

George has divided the staff of Midland Snow and Ice into the following categories.

Drivers:  One of the most important pieces of Midland Snow is our drivers.  George works hard to train our drivers to be the best at providing top level service to our customers.  He also prides Midland on being able to retain our drivers year after year so this experience can be given to our customers.

Office Staff:  George has a dedicated office staff that serves as Midland’s liaison to our customers.  He wants our customers to work with the same people and develop a long lasting relationship with Midland to the mutual benefit of both parties.

Snow Estimators:  George has a team of snow estimators who gladly head out and meet our customers at their job sites to discuss Midland Snow and provide a fair and accurate estimate.

Route Supervisors:  George has a team of route supervisors that inspect our snow routes after they are completed to ensure that our customer’s job sites have been properly serviced.

Mechanics/Maintenance Staff:  George also has a team of mechanics and yard workers who keep Midland’s equipment in tip top shape.  Midland makes sure each of their trucks are kept at a high level of maintenance.  Each truck is thoroughly cleaned and serviced after every winter storm.




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