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Midland Advantages

The Advantages of using Midland Snow and Ice

-       Midland offers zero tolerance service to ensure there is no snow or ice buildup during any winter storm

-       Midland has several salt stations throughout Chicagoland to provide quick response to icy conditions.

-       Midland has a large fleet of trucks and drivers around the Chicagoland area.

-       Midland employs on-call backup drivers and trucks during each storm to handle any driver problems or truck breakdowns.

-       Midland generates an overhead site plan with the customer for each job site to mark out the scope of work and snow locations.

-       Midland has a team of route supervisors who inspect each route after it is completed to make sure each customer job site was properly serviced.

 -       Midland issues fax or email storm warnings to alert each customer about impending snow activity.

-       Midland issues fax or email next day work reports to each customer detailing all work that was performed on your job site.

-       Midland sends out customer invoices within 96 hours of a storm event.  Each invoice will coincide with the work report that was sent to each customer.

-       Midland issues storm snowfall totals to each customer.

-       Midland has 24-hour customer service.  You will always be able to talk to our staff before, during, or after a storm.

-       Midland Snow has full insurance coverage and issues each customer a certificate of insurance for each individual job site.

Midland Snow works extremely hard to provide a high level of service to each and every customer.  Please call us today to get a free estimate or discuss our service packages.

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