Snow & Ice Management

Snow and Ice Management

Midland Snow has the equipment, personnel, and skills to provide a high level of service for each of the following tasks.

Snow Plowing:  Midland drivers begin plowing at either a 1” or 2” trigger at each of our customer job sites.

Salting:  Midland provides salting at each of our customer job sites after plowing to minimize the dangers of ice and slippery conditions.  Midland will also salt customer job sites when the snowfall is under 1” depending on the terms of the contract.

Zero Tolerance Service:  Midland will strive to keep a customer job site completely clear of snow and ice during each winter storm.

Site Plans:  Midland generates an overhead site plan with the customer for each job site to mark out the scope of work and snow locations. 

Shovel Teams:  Midland has multiple shovel teams which can take care of both private and public sidewalks, entrances, and stairwells when snowfall is over 1 inch depending on our customer’s needs.

Calcium Chloride Application:  Midland’s shovel teams will spread calcium chloride on sidewalks, entrances, and stairwells after shoveling to minimize the dangers of ice and slippery conditions. 

Snow Relocation/Removal:  If snowfall is piled up too high at a customer site, it can be relocated to other parts of a job site or completely removed from the job site.  Midland has the equipment and manpower to take care of this condition at any time during the winter season.

Route Inspection:  Midland has a team of route supervisors who inspect each of our plow routes upon completion to make sure each customer job site has been properly serviced and to fix any minor issues if they are found.

Customer Snow and Ice Management Contracts

Midland Snow has developed two contracts to meet our customer’s snow and ice management needs.  Each contract is broken down into easy to read sections and address each of the above snow and ice management issues.

Per Event Billing:  Midland bills our customer passed on a per snow event basis.

Seasonal Billing:  Midland bills our customer based on a monthly basis.

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