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Operations Manager: George T. Benes

Serious Ice Control You Can Count On

For Midland, snow removal and ice management in the Chicagoland area has always been a passion. With an eye towards customer convenience and superior client service, this group aims to make life easier for everyone on its roster. This starts with the folks in the office who respond to a potential new client’s specific concerns, carefully detailing how and why Midland can help them to achieve their goals when winter strikes. This team excels at planning and execution, after all, big storm systems have been known to sweep into Chicago and the surrounding area with very little warning. Clients who work with Midland possess a distinct advantage, as Midland employees are constantly working to identify and assess weather risks. 

When Snow Estimators, Drivers, and CSR Make a Difference

Some companies believe that it’s a good idea to have a backup plan. At Midland, it’s all about having a backup plan for your backup plan. With a wealth of experience in the industry, this team knows that equipment can fail at the most inopportune times during major storm systems — and Midland does not believe that clients should have to suffer the consequences. With backup drivers and trucks at the ready, this group tackles ice control and snow removal in the Chicagoland area with extreme precision and care. Working out schedules and sending out estimators, as well as employees who will assess each response to a snow event, Midland provides white-glove service that differentiates it from the many other snow removal companies around the Chicagoland area. Realizing that customers have options, they strive to demonstrate the benefits of working with such a state-of-the-art system. 

Transparency That Develops Trust

At Midland, the belief is that customers should be counseled as to what kind of contract or payment system will suit their needs most succinctly. After all, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to snowstorms. Each client will receive the strategy that works best for them — both practically and when it comes to paying. Some clients require no more than plowing and salting for their snow removal needs while others just need shoveling and calcium chloride, or some clients may need both. Before contacting Midland, think about what your snow and ice management goals are for your business this winter. The sooner you reach out to the snow experts, the sooner you’ll feel confident in your ability to handle Mother Nature this winter. As we all know, the snow season is approaching rapidly. Creating a viable plan is of the utmost importance.

Sidewalk Shoveling? Snow Plowing? Sometimes You Have to Call in the Experts

When you’re looking for a solution to your winter woes, Midland is here to help. In the past few years alone, snow and ice removal in the Chicagoland area has become an even more daunting prospect. Luckily, Midland boasts the resources necessary to address these issues before they get out of hand. In fact, Midland likes to get ahead of the problem by carefully monitoring weather reports — and examining whether or not certain storm systems will impact clients. 

Those who work with Midland always come to appreciate this high level of customer service.

Winter Is Coming: Ice Removal In Chicago Made Easy

There’s something about the ice and snow that can easily induce panic, especially when you need salting services in the  Chicagoland area. With Midland, you’ll work out a plan tailored to your specific needs ahead of time. Whether you need snow plowing and/or sidewalk shoveling, this team is adept at handling all types of concerns. With a special knack for sidewalk services, they are able to help clients during their most difficult days. 

This team plans for emergencies so that you don’t have to. With heavy duty trucks at the ready, as well as a team of extraordinary drivers, they aim to help clients survive and thrive throughout harsh, wintry conditions. Whether you’re dealing with snow, sleet, or black ice, this group excels at snow and ice removal and relocation services.

Call Midland So You Can Get Back to Business as Usual

 Unfortunately, weather events can be paralyzing to your business — if you don’t have the proper plan in place before a big storm hits. When you call Midland ahead of time, you save yourself the stress and agony of having to seek out a last-minute solution. Chances are that you promised yourself that this winter was going to be different — this year, you were going to come up with a strategy ahead of time.

When you contact Midland, you’ll immediately feel better about any impending weather conditions. The consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose when you take the first step towards a hassle-free winter. There’s no need to get anxious at the first sight of frost — call Midland today and explore how to improve your situation for the upcoming winter.

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