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Customer Snow and Ice Management Contracts

A Snow and Ice Removal Billing Contract with Options

When you work with Midland, you’ll immediately notice that the billing system is different — and optimized to address each client’s specific needs. Some clients prefer to work on more of a pay per push status, while others prefer to pay per month with our seasonal contracts. We want to ensure that you’re receiving snow removal services that actually benefit your business. While other snow removal businesses in the Chicagoland area may look out for themselves more, Midland is committed to providing clients with the options they desire. For those who already know that snow removal events are a significant issue, a seasonal contract may be in order. Midland’s drive to succeed at salting, snow shoveling, and snow plowing has been proven truly unparalleled.

What Kind of Snow and Ice Removal Billing Contract Does My Company Need?

With an extraordinary amount of experience in the business, our adept team here at Midland will advise and counsel you as to what kind of services may benefit your group. If you have questions about a seasonal contract, of if you are unsure as to which option is best suited for your needs, our team is more than willing to talk to you about the unique challenges of your set-up and suggest the best course of action. For some businesses, shoveling and calcium chloride is a need, while it is not for others. When your business finds the right fit — whether it’s pay per push or pay per month — you’re bound to feel the difference every time a storm approaches on the horizon. This time, you will already know that you have the support you need.

Snow Removal Contracts for Real Life

As we all know by now, every Chicagoland winter is different. But these days, extreme weather has been causing more havoc than it has in previous years. Creating a snow removal plan for your company seems like common sense during these unpredictable times. When you don’t have a strategy together, sometimes a snow event can sneak up and surprise you. Midland is all about mitigating the effect of nasty weather surprises, using a powerhouse combination of state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff. Indeed, Midland’s experiences have shaped them into a team that excels at picking up the pieces when nature decides to dish out its worst. We have back-ups for our back-ups, whether it’s people or resources, our group is truly unlike any other in the region.