Snowy Road and Cars

Snow Problem? No Problem. 

The Chicagoland weather always seems to throw you a curveball, so it is wise to know who to call when ice or snow obstructs your business or home. Midland Snow and Ice Management is proud to service the Chicagoland area and gets immense joy from bringing convenience to its residents. Whether your driveway is packed with wet and heavy snow or the ice has begun to cause chaos for your family, Midland Snow, and Ice Management professionals are awaiting your call. A snow problem quickly turns into no problem with the quality and professionalism of Midland Snow and Ice Management. 

Midland Snow and Ice Truck

Who is Midland Snow and Ice Management? 

Midland Snow and Ice Management has been proudly servicing the Chicagoland area for some time now, and we share an enormous passion for snow removal and ice management with its residents. From the front office to our trusted field agents, you will find our team informative, transparent, and humble. We recognize the inconvenience and possible danger our Chicagoland weather can bring to its locals, so we carry ourselves with a great sense of pride that what we are doing is helping our community. 

Midland Snow and Ice Trucks

Why Choose Midland Snow and Ice Management?

As stated, Midland Snow and Ice Management provides its clients with an informative and transparent experience. Aside from the stellar customer service, Midland Snow and Ice Management believes in being available when needed. This is why we are constantly monitor weather forecasts to get in front of snow or ice storm systems that may be working their way through the Chicagoland area. You can have peace of mind that your best interest is continually being looked out for when you work with Midland Snow and Ice Management. Additionally, many companies have backup plans in case of equipment failure or other inconvenient situations. Midland Snow and Ice Management has a backup plan for their backup plans. Our team has teams & trucks ready and fully loaded with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the snow and ice on your property will be gone when needed. 

Midland Snow and Ice Management also offers seasonal contracts or pay-per-occurrence options, so you can feel confident in the money you are spending. 

Midland Snow and Ice Plowing Snow

Our Services 

Now, while the term “snow and ice management” may seem like a clear-cut idea, there are many services that fall under this umbrella term. So, let’s dive into what services we offer here at Midland Snow and Ice Management. 

Snow Plowing

  • Midland’s experienced and trusted drivers start their routes when customer sites roughly hit the one-inch mark. We believe this mark provides the best service for our Chicagoland customers. 
  • Salting 

  • Salt is spread after plowing customer sites, melting the ice and preventing slippery conditions. Salting can be offered in contract deals when the snow is under one inch.
  • Site Plans

  • Midland can generate an overhead site plan to service the site and ensure the work appropriately meets customer expectations. 
  • Shovel Teams

  • Our shovel teams can help clear out pathways, sidewalks, and driveways when snowfall exceeds one inch. 
  • Liquid Salt

  • We love to go above and beyond, so we offer options that can work better than traditional road salt in lower-temperature conditions to help prevent slippery conditions.
  • Car driving on a snowy road


    The hardworking team of professionals at Midland Snow and Ice Management can efficiently and transparently clear out any snow or ice on your property. So call us and let our team take your snow problem to no problem.