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Winter poses many challenges for property owners. Snow and ice create hurdles and potential dangers if not appropriately managed. Midland Snow & Ice has provided a range of reliable services to home and business owners in Elmhurst, IL, for over a decade. From snow plowing to relocating it elsewhere and applying salt to prevent ice formation, we’ve got you covered. 

Collaborating with you, we tailor a plan to meet your specific needs. The cornerstone of our expanding customer community is most certainly our dedication to unrivaled customer service. We’re here for you all year round, offering extended and 24/7 service during snowstorms.

So, if you’re searching for dependable and professional snow and ice services, reach out to us at (630) 993-2900 to arrange an appointment today!

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Professional Snow Relocation & Removal Services in Elmhurst, IL

Are you dealing with an out-of-hand snow pile-up? No worries; our Midland Snow & Ice professionals are here to lend a hand. Equipped with all the necessary tools, we can remove the snow entirely or relocate it to a different part of your property. 

Midland Snow & Ice is dedicated to keeping your home or business free from snow and ice all winter. That’s why we employ a team of route supervisors who meticulously study plow routes, enabling our team to provide optimal service for your property.

So, if you’re in the Elmhurst, IL, area and need professional snow removal or relocation services you can count on, call us at (630) 993-2900 to book your appointment today!

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Professional Salting Solutions in Elmhurst, IL

In addition, we also provide effective salting solutions for your location. Midland Snow & Ice takes safety very seriously, so after plowing, we salt required areas to reduce the risk of icy and slippery conditions.

Salting your property after snow removal can greatly increase safety by reducing the risk of slips and falls. The salt works to melt the ice and snow, forming a safer surface for both pedestrians and vehicles. This method is a reliable way to guarantee that your property remains free from possible dangers.

When you trust us to salt your property, rest assured that we work alongside you to develop a personalized plan. This allows us to maintain your home or business efficiently and effectively during the winter months.

On top of that, we are always stocked up. We plan ahead by purchasing salt in advance, ensuring a consistent supply to keep your home or business safe and clean throughout the winter. We offer traditional solutions like rock salt and calcium chloride but also provide a liquid salt option.

If you require salting services in Elmhurst, IL, call us at (630) 993-2900 to schedule your appointment today!

Midland Snow

Professional Snow & Ice Services in Elmhurst, IL

So, if you’re living or working in the Elmhurst, IL, area and are facing snow and ice issues, look no further than Midland Snow & Ice for reliable solutions. We provide a range of services, from snow plowing your driveway to salting walkways for a safe, slip-free environment. In addition, we also offer the following services:

  • Site Plans
  • Shovel Teams
  • Calcium Chloride Application
  • Liquid Salt
  • Route Inspection
  • Zero Tolerance Service
  • Contact us at (630) 993-2900 to schedule your appointment today!